Enterprise Software Gets Personalized

By simply using fresh and bright color-coded icons for each persona, it helps users to choose Datameer products, whether you are an individual, a small team, large team, or enterprise level, the customers can easily differentiate them. By using the design system, it helps to increase the sales and marketing.

Interact easily

Businesses trying to improve customer experiences must also empower analysts with platform that help them analyze their data quickly and easily. I helped Datameer design the user interface that customers use everyday.

App Market Icons

Datameer App Market allows you to instantly visualize your data using pre-built templates. The icons are tailored designed specifically for each app based on the data source.

Buying experience made easy

The online system needs a landing page after a user logging in, adding to cart, and making the payment. Focused on designing user experience allow the customers to choose the right product.

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