The birth of a leader in big data analytics.

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The Challenge

Datameer is an enterprise software for big data analytics which enable analyst to integrate any data, analyze, and visualize the data faster. When Datameer launched, they immediately faced a level of competition. What they need is to build a strong brand identity, which will set them apart and bring in customers.

The Solution

A successful brand starts with a product that solves a common problem. The concept came from the name of Datameer which consist two words, "Data" and "Meer". In German, the word Meer means sea or ocean. Datameer product has a very clear purpose, data analytic solution for everyone. A brand is built upon that product.

The Result

Today, Datameer is the world’s leading player of big data analytics platform which deliver faster, smarter insights — on cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Online Presence

Online presence is key to building your brand identity. Establishing Datameer brand online will have two main facets to it: the artistic one and the technical one. I helped Datameer to solve both challenges. As a designer, I was responsible to create and design the artistic and aesthetic of the website. On technical side, we had a web developer team to implement the design to HTML pages and Wordpress Content Management System which I managed and maintained the content on a daily basis.

The Brand Guidelines

To create strong brand identity, I established the brand guidelines for Datameer brand. Consistency is key. Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business stands for, allowing your business to communicate your purpose, your personality, and your promises. A consistent tone of voice, and a consistent brand identity, helps keep a business on-message. By having a set of brand guidelines means that the right branding is easily accessible to everyone, so everyone knows how to use it properly.

Print and Digital

Creating a consistent style across print collateral is critical to building a brand identity. With the brand guidelines established, it will ensure every collateral pieces are produced consistently across other media.

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