Case Study

Portable Speakers for Every Lifestyle.

NYNE is all about Lifestyle Inspired Audio. The objective is to build their online presence and extend their existing brand to marketing communications and product campaigns through catalogs, packaging, and social media ads.

Project Scope

Web Design
Product Catalog & Brochure
Package Design
Social Media Campaign
Point-of-Purchase Display

The Challenge

NYNE was a new player in consumer electronics, and they needed a complete solution for their product marketing and advertising campaign. They already had their product brand built, they need my expertise to extend their exiting brand to develop integrated marketing to promote their line of products and boost their sales.

The Approach

I began a conversation with the President of the product marketing by reviewing existing wireless audio products in the market, and learn how to differentiate NYNE products from its competitions. I developed the solution in phases. As the products evolve to have unique style and characteristics, I implemented design solution that eye-catching and different to reach out all kind of people in all ages.

Website Design

The navigation, the layout are designed to create better customer experiences. The photography style portrays all kind of people in different characteristics, a new mom, a businessperson, a techie teen, a grandfather, or a surfer dude. Clear CTAs makes customer journey smoother from just browsing the products to find their style and purchase the right products.

Product Catalog/Brochure

Packaging Design

When Nyne Audio launched their new products, they needed help in designing their product packaging. Nyne products are all about style and quality for all kind of people in all ages, a new mom, a businessperson, a techie teen, a grandfather, or a surfer dude. I helped them in positioning their product in the market by designing the packaging box that looks modern, sophisticated, and stand out on the shelf; the packaging people can see the actual product in the box.

Social Media Campaign

Holiday season is all about giving away. In order to entice the customers during holiday season, Nyne needed graphics for their marketing campaign through Facebook.

Better Marketing at the Point of Purchase

Point of purchase displays usually have four main functions to fulfil: build traffic, create awareness, create an impression, and increase sales.

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